This is one for anyone who is using Windows Services for NFS.
You may find you are unable to start the NFS Client service after it has been stopped.
Attempting to start it from service manager will say that 'the service started and then stopped' and trying to start it from the Services for NFS MMC snap-in will say that 'the service did respond to the start request in a timely fashion'.

The reason for this is probably because the NFS file system driver (NFS Redirector) is still loaded. You'll be glad to know that the fix is simple.

  1. Stop the NFS Redirector in cmd

    sc stop NfsRdr
  2. Start the NFS client whichever way you want

If you need to stop the NFS client you should run the following command

	nfsadmin client stop

Credit goes to T_W_Black[1] at the Technet forums[2], I'm essentially just copying what he wrote in his forum post.

  1. T_W_Black ↩︎

  2. Forum post ↩︎